DOH Monthly Briefing - Finance - July 2017

Carl J. Pucci in Finance & Reimbursement

DOH held its monthly briefing earlier today. The following is a brief summary of the topics discussed:

Capital Webinar

The capital webinar is scheduled for this Thursday, July 13, 2017 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. The goal is to clarify issues and provide answers to common questions raised regarding DOH capital policy. A complete review of the upcoming capital attestation process, owner’s equity withdrawal, shared savings and all significant capital expense reimbursement issues will be discussed. Attached is the related PowerPoint. All members are strongly encouraged to participate. Registration details are expected early tomorrow morning. (NYSHFA will post via a separate member mailing). FAQ’s will be developed and the webinar will be archived for later viewing.

1% Restoration

Attached, for your information, is a July 6th letter from NYSHFA to AHCA seeking AHCA’s assistance in securing approval by CMS of New York’s State Plan Amendment that would provide a 1% increase in Medicaid reimbursement rates for skilled nursing facilities retroactive to April 1, 2014.

Rate Package Update 

  • Capital Corrections – the corrections to the 1/1/17 initial capital rates have been processed and are at EMEDNY for payment. The expected Medicaid cycle number is 2083, with a check release date of 8/10/17.
  • 7/1/17 Rates – updated for the 1/1/17 case mix collections, have been approved by DOB and are scheduled to be paid in Medicaid cycle 2084, with a check release date of 8/17/17.
  • 2018 Notice Rates – are expected to be posted by 9/1/17, which would allow additional time for this year’s capital attestation process.
  • Benchmark Rates – DOH has acknowledged the importance of prompt updates to the benchmark rates. They indicated the July 2017 benchmark rates would be updated in August, so as to parallel processing of the 7/1/17 rates by EMEDNY (see above).

2016 RHCF

As noted in NYSHFA member mailing from 6/22/17, DOH has extended the 2016 RHCF filing deadline until July 31, 2017. Note:  there will be no further filing extensions beyond that date.

Equity Withdrawal

DOH is consulting with its’ internal legal staff regarding questions raised concerning the Department’s revised draft Equity Withdrawal form, including the treatment of income tax payments. Among other things, NYSHFA is strongly advocating for the exclusion of income tax payments from the equity withdrawal requirements, citing recent legal decisions.

OMIG Audits

The MDS audit procurement process still has not been resolved between DOH and OMIG. Due to the extended period of time that has now elapsed, OMIG will be auditing both 2015 MDS cycles. OMIG is gathering information currently in an effort to start the 2015 audit schedules.

Minimum Wage Survey

DOH expects to release a minimum wage survey in the next few weeks. It will be similar to last year’s survey, and will be used to assist in reconciling the 2017 minimum wage adjustment. A DAL will accompany the survey outlining the specific requirements. DOH has not yet established the survey due date.

NYSHFA will keep members updated on these issues going forward.


Carl J. Pucci
Chief Financial Officer
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